APL-ASCII Workspace Transfer

The APLASCII transliteration system can be used to transfer workspaces between any of the following APL systems:

Functions, variables, user-defined operators, nested arrays, and complex numbers can all be transferred, assuming the sending and receiving APL systems offer similar capabilities. Arbitrary character arrays can be transferred without loss between systems having identical {quad}AVs. When the sending and receiving systems have different character sets, characters are correctly mapped to the extent possible.

To transfer a workspace, first obtain the APLASCII workspaces for the sending and receiving APL systems. These can be found at:


Install the workspaces as directed in the readme file in this directory and the DESCRIBE variable in the APLASCII workspace. (Installation produces a workspace named A2A.)

Use the following steps to transfer a workspace:

  1. On the sending APL system, execute:

          )LOAD yourws          - load the workspace to be exported
          )COPY A2A             - get the transfer functions
          DUMPWS 'filename'     - write the workspace to file
  2. Transfer the file created by DUMPWS. It's an ordinary ASCII text file, so it can be sent via e-mail or any other means.

  3. On the receiving APL system, execute:

          )SYMBOLS 1000         - may be needed on some APLs
          )COPY A2A             - get the transfer functions
          LOADWS 'filename'     - read the transfer file
          #EX GRPA2A            - erase the A2A programs (# is quad)
          )SAVE yourws

For more information about transliteration, see:

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