Accessing comp.lang.apl

Many users should be able to access comp.lang.apl via a newsreader such as tin or Free Agent. If you have a World Wide Web browser such as Netscape, Mosaic or Lynx, you can access the newsgroup by specifying the URL news:comp.lang.apl. The group can also be accessed via e-mail using the APL-L mailing list. When you subscribe to APL-L, all comp.lang.apl postings are sent to you via e-mail, and you can post to the list by sending e-mail.

To subscribe to APL-L, send an e-mail message to containing the one line "SUBSCRIBE APL-L". A message containing further instructions will be sent by return mail. You will have to send an "OK" message to confirm your subscription. Immediately after confirming your subscription, I recommend you send listserv a message containing the one line "SET APL-L CONCEAL". This will prevent your e-mail address from being harvested by spammers who would like to send you unsolicited commercial e-mail.

To post to comp.lang.apl via e-mail, send a message to The message will be forwarded to all APL-L subscribers and posted on the comp.lang.apl newsgroup.


You must be an APL-L subscriber to post to the list. If you want to post directly to APL-L without receiving their mailings, subscribe as directed above, then send a message containing the line "SET APL-L NOMAIL". This is useful if you want to be able to post from multiple accounts without receiving the APL-L mailings at each account.

Another useful feature of APL-L is its archive. All APL-L/comp.lang.apl messages are saved and can be retrieved on a monthly basis. For example, to receive messages posted in August, 1995, send an e-mail message to containing the line "GET APL-L LOG9508". Beware that the return message may be rather large (500,000 bytes or more, depending on the month). This is a handy way of checking for any messages you might have missed while following comp.lang.apl via a newsreader. You can access the APL-L archive even if you are not a subscriber.

A few suggestions about posting to comp.lang.apl:

You might want to read the group for a while before posting; as S. Carpenter wrote: Lurk and learn, post and burn. But if you have something to say, by all means, post it! It's the easiest way to become an active member of the worldwide APL community.

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